The Museum organized a workshop for guides

9 March 2021

On March 9, the Holodomor Museum held a seminar for the Guides Guild. Guides to Kyiv and Ukraine learned more about the Holodomor and the work of our museum.

The seminar included

  • excursion to the museum
  • a lecture on the Holodomor from the Holodomor Research Institute (Irina Batyrieva)
  • a lecture on how to cover the Holodomor to different visitors (Daria Chudinova)
  • a lecture about museum events, programs and proposals for further cooperation.

The participants and organizers of the seminar talked about the organization of excursions and events dedicated to the Holodomor.

“We are sincerely grateful to the Holodomor Museum for an interesting event. Guides need to constantly update their knowledge so that tourists have the most complete information about the difficult periods of Ukrainian history. We hope for further joint projects,” Natalia Pirogova, Chairman of the Board of the Guides Guild, shared her impressions.

“The Holodomor Museum team was pleased to see such interest in the topic among Guild members. We are sure that this is just the beginning of fruitful cooperation,” Daria Chudinova said.

The participants of the seminar received a newsletter with lecture presentations and additional materials.