The Peace Light of Bethlehem was handed over to the Holodomor Victims’ Memorial

26 December 2016

On December, 26 scout organization “Plast” handed over the Peace Light of Bethlehem to the National Museum “Holodomor Victims’ Memorial”

The Peace Light of Bethlehem is an international annual scouting event dedicated to the celebration of the Birth of Christ, which is to spread the symbolic fire, lit at the birthplace of Jesus Christ.

The Peace Light of Bethlehem, which symbolizes heat, peace, harmony and hope, is distributed among Ukrainians by the Scouts. Fire is transmitted from city to city, is carried in the churches, state institutions, schools, orphanages, hospitals.

The Peace Light of Bethlehem travels around the world, crossing borders and uniting Christians on the eve of the Birthof Christ. The idea of ​​Fire and its simple symbolism – peace, joy and fraternity – are welcomed by the Ukrainian community in recent years.

Traditionally, the Fire is kept in the church to the Jordan – until January 19th. Then it can be quentched. People can take the Fire for each Holy Supper or extinguish a candle lit from the Fire – according to the priests, from this holiness of the Fire is not lost.

We invite you to join the  Peace Light of Bethlehem. Come to the Memorial and take the Fire with you.