Updated audio tour for visually impaired visitors

3 January 2023

An updated audio tour for visually impaired visitors is available online on the website of the Holodomor Museum. The educational and excursion department of our museum has completed work on it recently.

The duration of the tour is 75 minutes. It contains a detailed description of the exhibits, images and museum space, tells how the ground and interior parts of our institution are arranged and what certain fragments of the museum complex symbolize. The tour also includes a brief summary of the history of the genocide of 1932-1933 and audio fragments of the testimonies of Holodomor eyewitnesses, quotes from memories and works of art.

The text was adapted by Halyna Holubieva, the tour was voiced by Tetiana Asieyeva, Dmytro Baikenych, Tetiana Soproniuk and Daria Chudinova and fragments of testimony were selected by Olha Vyhodovanets.

Three years ago, we were inspired to create such an excursion by working on the “Touch to Memory” and “Accessible Site — Accessible Museum” projects (with the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation). We are grateful to the participants of the virtual club of the Kyiv Center for the Blind, where at one of the meetings the audio tour was tested

You can already listen to the audio tour for free on our website.

In addition, we will be glad to see you in our offline museum. Visitors with visual impairments will be able to view tactile layouts and images in our exposition accompanied by QR codes with links to the audio description of the exhibits and listen to audio testimony next to each of the exhibits.

We invite you!