We continue our cooperation with Kyiv guides

14 April 2021

For the second time, the Holodomor Museum held a seminar for the Guides Guild within the framework of a memorandum of cooperation. Due to quarantine conditions, the event took place online. Communication lasted as long as 5 (!) hours.

Guides watched the video tour (anyone can also visit it by registering at the link.

Iryna Batyrieva, Deputy Director of the Holodomor Research Institute, gave a lecture on the history of the Holodomor, its causes and consequences.

Guide Daria Chudinova spoke about the museum, its work, plans and projects. She also developed guidelines on how best to present the topic of the Holodomor to different listeners and how to work with their emotions.

The museum team is grateful for the positive feedback from the guides and is looking forward to continuing the cooperation.