We launched online guided tour in English

25 February 2021

From now on, a video tour of the Holodomor Museum is available in English. You can learn the causes and mechanisms of the Holodomor and understand why the Holodomor is a genocide of Ukrainians.

Today, the Museum can be visited online from anywhere in the world by watching a video tour and communicating with our guides.

To read the information in English, follow the link. To book a tour, please use the form.

The Museum team asks Ukrainians to disseminate this information among foreign friends so that as many people as possible learn about the Holodomor genocide.

The video tour is designed for schoolchildren from 13 years and adults. It consists of two parts. The first is a video tour of the Holodomor Museum. The second is communication with a museum employee. The second part takes place in video conferencing format via the Zoom platform. A museum employee will answer your questions, explain the unclear points and provide additional information. The total duration of the video tour is up to 45 minutes.

The the video tour costs UAH 19 per person; minimum group is 5 people (when booking a tour for a smaller number of participants, payment is made for 5 people).

We remind that you can visit the Museum offline by booking a tour in English or using an audio guide available in 33 languages.