Working meeting with Croatian public figure Kristijan Lepesic

2 December 2022

On December 2, the Acting Director General of the Holodomor Museum, Lesia Hasydzhak, met with the Croatian public figure, director of international relations of the NGO “Institute for Democracy”, Kristijan Lepesic.

While the meeting, the main directions of the organizations’ work and opportunities for cooperation were discussed. The NGO “Institute for Democracy” organizes exhibitions on the history of genocides and crimes of totalitarian regimes in the European Union. Christian Lepesik offered to work together on an exhibition that would reveal the history of the Holodomor in the context of the crimes of the communist totalitarian regime in Europe. This idea of the exhibition connects with the constant importance of emphasizing the threats that totalitarian and authoritarian regimes represent.

Lesia Hasydzhak introduced a colleague from Croatia to the main directions of the Museum’s work and told about already implemented all-Ukrainian and international projects.

As a result of the meeting, the parties agreed on the preparation of a memorandum of cooperation and a start of work on creating a joint exhibition in the future.