You can now listen to Jerry Berman: the most interesting fragments of the letters of an eyewitness of the Holodomor in Donbas have been voiced

15 March 2023

The educational team of the Holodomor Museum continues to create an accessible space for our visitors. We bring to your attention voiced fragments of Jerry Berman’s letters, a young civil engineer from South Africa, who, in 1932-1933, worked in Stanytsia Luhanska on the construction of a bridge across the Siversky Donets.

His letters, in which he shared his impressions of the USSR with his relatives and friends, contain unique information about the living conditions of Ukrainians in the “communist paradise.”

Moreover, in the video clip, you will hear the story of Jerry Berman himself, find out how many years later the letters written by him in 1932-1933 were accidentally found in the attic of a house in Manchester and how they got to our museum.

Halyna Holubieva prepared the text and edited the video. Tetiana Asieieva read the text.

We invite you to watch it!