A memorial sign to the Holodomor victims was installed in the Mykolayiv region

1 December 2018

A memorial complex dedicated to the Holodomor victims in the Pervomaiskyi region was opened in Pervomaisk, Mykolayiv region, Uriadovyi Kurier reports. A memorial sign was built due to the initiative of the NGO “Youth – the Future of the Nation” with the assistance of the city authorities and support of local entrepreneurs. The original composition of a metal candle, ears of grain and an angel was created by the master of artistic forging studio Dmytro Vavryniak.

“This is a tragedy and grief of the Ukrainian people. I love and respect my country, history and traditions. I have the honor to make this memorial sign. I added an arch with barbed wire and the spikes of wheat to the previous sketch of the memorial. This is how I wanted to show what the Ukrainian people had passed through – the prisons, repressions, and murders. And the worst thing is the Holodomor.” At the opening of the memorial sign, Pervomaisk City Mayor Liudmyla Dromashko noted: “For many years, when the information about the Holodomor was hidden, the community has been saving it and drawing the attention of the present generation to this tragedy. This is a very important contribution. We are grateful to the older generation of our community, which supported this memory, and young people – for not forgetting and honoring. “

Residents of Pervomaisk joined the all-Ukrainian action “Let’s Light a Candle of Memory!” and put a cross by the candles next to the memorial sign.