A new book on Holodomor was presented in Myrhorod

19 March 2019

Myrhorod regional local historian and witness of Holodomor-genocide Hanna Babych (1930) published a book describing Holodomor-genocide in Myrhorod region. In the pages of the book, the author described less-explored topics in the local history, collected eye-witness memoirs and the researches of Ukrainian and foreign scholars, the press service of Myrhorod city council said.

“The material was collected a long time ago, if you take that I was 4 years old, perhaps everything is not remembered, but the fact that mother told in the subconscious is remembered” – said the author of the book.

The presentation of book, which took place in the City Library named after David Hurashvili, also visited the teachers, who noted the importance of such editions for the educational process.

“I am very grateful to Halyna Vaslivna because such books help to study the history of my native land. This causes an extremely high interest when you call not general facts, but the specific in Myrhorod or Myrhorod district, and children will even recognize their grandparents, “said Nataliia Puhach, head of the methodology of history teachers.