Grants for Ukrainian museums: how to get

14 March 2022

The ALIPH Foundation (International Alliance for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones, based in Switzerland and a public-private partnership) is ready to allocate $ 2 million for microgrants to support cultural heritage in Ukraine, including small museums in Kyiv and eastern Ukraine are now on fire 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Given that many sites, monuments, and museums have already been damaged, this conflict raises serious concerns about its consequences for Ukraine’s entire cultural heritage. That is why ALIPH has made an initial contribution of two million dollars to promote the urgent protection of cultural heritage and to help professionals dealing with cultural heritage in Ukraine,” the ALIPH said in a statement.

The Alliance already supports a dozen museums and collections stored in them. By providing funding, the Fund provides inventory, purchases protective equipment or enhances security at storage sites, and will continue to do so.

“Now that the war is raging in Ukraine, our thoughts are primarily with the victims and the people of Ukraine. However, our mission to protect the unique cultural heritage of this country, which represents the very soul of the nation of fighters, remains extremely important,” said Valery Freland, CEO of ALIPH.

For all grant questions, please contact the Alliance at [email protected].