Holodomor Memorial Museum distributes books about the Holodomor among Ukrainian libraries

6 December 2018

In order to raise awareness of Ukrainian citizens of the history of the Holodomor, on November 6, 2018, the National Museum Holodomor Victims’ Memorial handed over 400 copies of books on the genocide of the Ukrainian nation in the 1930s to the National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine to be further disseminated among the institutions of culture and education of various regions of Ukraine.

The following editions were transmited:

  • “The Encyclopedia of the Holodomor of 1932-1933 years in Ukraine”, presented on November 12, 2018 at the Holodomor Victims’ Memorial – the scientific and memorial edition informatively reproduces the causes, circumstances, socio-psychological and statistical-demographic consequences of the Holodomor-genocide in Ukraine. The author of the “Encyclopedia of the Holodomor”, Professor Vasyl Marochko, worked on scientific work for 30 years. The encyclopedia includes more than a thousand articles that relate to personalities, events, phenomena, terminology, historical, memorial, historical, demographic, and anthropological Holodomor discourses.
  • “33 Questions and Answers on the Holodomor-Genocide”. The popular scientific publication of the Holodomor Memorial Museum is addressed to teachers, students, ethnographers and anyone who wants to know about the preconditions, policies and mechanisms of the Ukrainian genocide in 1932-1933 in Ukraine. The publication was presented during the scientific-practical seminar “Study of the Holodomor-Genocide in educational institutions. Forms and Tools for Learning Organization” on November 19, 2018.
  • A collection of materials of the International Conference “Artificial Famines in Ukraine in the Twentieth Century” (May 16, 2018).

Books can be found in 67 libraries in Ukraine:

  1. National Parliamentary Library of Ukraine
  2. State Library of Ukraine for Youth
  3. General Scientific Library in Vinnytsia Oblast
  4. Volyn Regional General Scientific Library
  5. General Scientific Library in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast
  6. Central Public Library of Kramatorsk
  7. General Scientific Library in Zhytomyrska Oblast
  8. Transcarpathian Regional General Scientific Library
  9. General Scientific Library in Zaporizhzhya Oblast
  10. Kyiv Regional Library for Children
  11. Kyiv Oblast Library for Youth
  12. General Scientific Library in Kirovohrad Oblast
  13. General Scientific Library in Starobelsk in Luhansk Oblast
  14. Lviv Regional General Scientific Library
  15. Mykolaiv Regional General Scientific Library
  16. Odessa National Scientific Library
  17. Poltava Regional General Scientific Library
  18. General Scientific Library in Rivne Oblast
  19. General Scientific Library in Sumy Oblast
  20. Ternopil Regional General Scientific Library
  21. Kharkiv State Scientific Library
  22. Kharkiv Regional General Scientific Library
  23. Kherson Regional General Scientific Library
  24. Khmelnitsky Regional  General Scientific Library
  25. Cherkasy Regional General Scientific Library
  26. General Scientific Library in Chernivtsi Oblast
  27. General Scientific Library in Chernihiv Oblast
  28. Bila Tserkva Central District Library (Kyiv Region)
  29. Borznia District Central Library (Chernihiv region)
  30. Velyka Bagačanskaya Public Library of Velyka Bagačanskaya OTG (Poltava Region)
  31. Vysokopolskaya Central District Library (Kherson region)
  32. Volochisk Central City Library of Volochisk OTG (Khmelnytsky Region)
  33. Metropolitan Central District Library (Chernihiv region)
  34. Dashevska Public Library of the Dashevsk OTG (Illintsi District, Vinnitsa Region)
  35.  Derazhnia Central District Library (Khmelnytsky Region)
  36. Zhashkiv Central District Library (Cherkasy region)
  37. Kamyanets-Podilskyi Central City Library (Khmelnytsky Region)
  38.  Kozelets Central Library (Chernihiv region)
  39.  Koryuk District Central Library (Chernihiv region)
  40. Kotelev Village Library (Novoselytsky district, Chernihiv region)
  41. Krasilevsky Central District Library (Khmelnytsky Region)
  42.  Kremenets Central Library (Ternopil region)
  43. Magalsky Public Library of the Magalsky OTG (Novoselytsky District, Chernihiv Region)
  44. Monastyryshchen Central Library (Cherkasy region)
  45. Nikopol Central City Library (Kherson Oblast)
  46. Novovorontsov Central District Library (Kherson Oblast)
  47.  Novoselitsk Central District Library (Chernivtsi region)
  48. Nosov Central Library System (Chernihiv region)
  49. Alexandria Central City Library (Kirovograd region)
  50. Alexandria Central District Library (Kirovograd region)
  51. Polonskaya Central Library Polonskaya OTG (Khmelnytsky Region)
  52. Poninka Public Library of Poninka OTG (Polonsky District, Khmelnytsky Region)
  53. Patushnya Public Library of the Potushnya OTG (Ternopil Region)
  54. Pochayiv Public Library of Pochayiv OTG (Ternopil Region)
  55. Pryluky Central District Library (Chernihiv region)
  56. Rokitnyansky Village Library (Novoselytsky district, Chernihiv region)
  57. Smelyanska Central City Library (Cherkasy region)
  58. Starobogorodchanska Public Library of Starobogorodchanska OTG (Bogorodchany district, Ivano-Frankivsk region)
  59. Stroinets Village Library (Novoselytsky district, Chernihiv region)
  60. Uman Central District Library (Cherkasy region)
  61. Khmelnytsky Central District Library
  62. Tsvitnensky VillageLlibrary (Kirovograd region)
  63. Chernivtsi Village Library (Novoselytsky district, Chernihiv region)
  64. Chornukhin Central Library (Poltava region)
  65. Shepetivka Central District Library (Khmelnytsky Region)
  66. Shcherbynets Village Library (Novoselytsky district, Chernivtsi region)
  67. Yagotinsky Central District Library (Kyiv Region).