In the state of Texas an exhibition dedicated to the Holodomor was presented

2 December 2018

An exhibition on the genocide against Ukrainians was presented at the Dallas Public Library, Texas, Voice of America informs.

Visitors have the opportunity to see posters and maps, as well as documentaries and feature films about the crimes of Stalin’s regime.

Khrystia Geremezh, the organizer of the exhibition, born in the USA, recalls that during her childhood the Holodomor was not spoken much about because of the lack of information that the Soviet government hid in every way. So now the diasporians want to give the tragedy as much publicity as possible.

Many visitors will first learn about the Holodomor through the exhibition: “Everyone said they did not know what the Holodomor was. They did not know it because there was no information in the textbooks. Visitors were surprised to find out that such things happened in Ukraine. All of them are very grateful. Many Ukrainians know already about the Holodomor, but other people, other states do not know. And we want all states in the world to recognize the Holodomor. Our ancestors died. We cannot forget them,” the organizer of the exhibition stressed.

Recall that Mayor of the American city of Austin, Texas, Steve Adler announced the 10th of November 2018 as the Holodomor Remembrance Day