The Holodomor Victims Memorial shared the experience of educational work with teachers from Germany

9 July 2018

Holodomor Victims Memorial is visited by schoolchildren and students every day. They are our target audience. Therefore, educational activity has an important role in the work of the museum. In addition to sightseeing and thematic excursions, we have developed interactive classes for different age groups and are always ready to share our experiences with colleagues.


Thus, on July 7, 2018, the head of the educational department of the museum, Yana Bedyk, met with a group of teachers and museum workers from Germany. They are in Ukraine for exploring the Ukrainian culture of memory. German colleagues visited the Holodomor Victims Memorial, listened to an excursion about the history of the Soviet genocide of Ukrainians in 1932-1933. After the excursion, participants focused their attention on the educational projects of the museum. Guests had questions about the history of the museum, the directions of work and the audience.


At the end of the meeting, Yana Bedyk presented to the participants the discs with the educational movie “Covering the Holodomor: Memory Eternal”, which is recommended for use during history lessons.


Thanks to the Land political education center of Thuringia, as the organizers of the trip, for the visit of German teachers and museum staff to the Holodomor Victims Memorial. It was a unique opportunity for us to share our experience of work with tragic history.


A complete list of educational activities for the Holodomor Victims Memorial can be found on our official website. Interactive classes and master classes are regularly held at the museum and are available for ordering.