“We don’t abandon our own”: glorification of Russian occupiers

While the Russian occupiers are killing Ukrainians and destroying cities, the propaganda machine of the Russian Federation is trying, by all means, to make them heroes. They are enthusiastically talked about in the media, propagandistic stories and films are created, poems and songs are dedicated to them, and streets are named after them. This is how the Kremlin unites Russians around “new heroes” and motivates the occupiers themselves to fight in Ukraine, imitating the “feats” of their comrades in arms.

To make the influence of such images more powerful, the media generously draw parallels between the Russian military and the Red Army soldiers participating in the Second World War. For any current “feat”, they are looking for a similar situation in the history of WWII, thereby reinforcing the widespread fake about the “special operation” as “the fight against Nazism.”

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