Video tour of the Holodomor Museum is avaliable in sign language

19 July 2021

The Holodomor Museum is becoming more accessible to its visitors—from now on our video tour is avaliable in sign language. Oleksii Nashyvochnikov, a sign language translator, and our site adaptation partners, the Inclusive IT team led by Roman Borenko, helped us to develop this idea.

Last year, thanks to the support of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation, the museum’s educational and excursion department implemented two inclusive projects “Touch the Memory” and “Accessible Site—Accessible Museum”, which resulted in the adaptation of the museum’s website to international standards, as well as educational lesson “Look into History through Photos”. We continue creating accessible educational content: an audio tour for visually impaired visitors was recently posted on our site.

We remind you that anyone can visit our museum onlinethrough a video tour and a number of online educational classes.

We are always glad to welcome our visitors both online and offline.

See you in the Holodomor Museum!